Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hello Assalamualaikum Wbt

So today's update is going to be a happy post. when i shared about what the doctor said in my previous consultation,i received so many responses.people personally wrote to me to actually comfort me and cheer me up.you have no idea how much that means to me.i am so grateful and thankful to have so many people behind my back.thanks everyone. Ok,so today I'm gonna be babbling about what i have done so far after i came to London.so it's a happy post ok?hehe

so this was the time when everyone celebrated me coming back to uk.yeayyyy.this is half of my family here..hehe

my roomate's birthday celebration.this is like 95% of my family in london.it was so great gathering like this.me was happy!

bathmate (read:exbatchmate) girls' day out.we went to have a big breakfast!

sending kammy off to malaysia for goooooood

otw to malaysian tourism event

did a cannulation to my dear roomate.hehehe

jumping with joy at the thorpe park! though I cant ride the extreme rides because i need to protect my bones(bones have become fragile due to the spread of cancer so high impact activities are not advisable) i still had so much fun..yeah riding the merry go round thing and the teapot..haha


we packed our own lunch and had a mini picnic at the park..weeehoooo

my date for today.my roomate was so sweet.she actually accompanied me to all my consultation including today.i'm so touched.anyways today the doctor said that my blood test comes out as good so that means my cancer is not as aggressive as he thought so alhamdulillah.maybe it's because of your prayers!thank youuuu so much.He still needs to discuss with the radiologist to confirm my treatment plan so next week i'll be seeing him again

my late lunchh with my rooomate

this is my notes for today's lecture! I really want to be a doctor especially when I was already at the receiving end.I hope to contribute back to the society.please pray that I'll live long enough to achieve my dream..hehe
the point of my post is no matter how hard or difficult your situation is,be grateful and you'll be happy.i can choose to mourn over my stage 4 cancer diagnosis and be depressed about it but i opt not to.I'm just gonna live my life happily. people say you only know the real meaning of living by learning about dying.i think it's true.i've learned so much in this one year and i hope you do too!


Anonymous said...

Stay happy, strong and continue to keep your heart clean baby gurl.. InsyaAllah only the best for you from Him.

nik idzni dalila said...

Thank youuuu for the comforting words..people taking their precious time out to cheer me up like this really it means a lot to me..iA may Allah blee u :)