Monday, May 30, 2011

heart cant talk but u can listen!

There is always a little TRUTH behind just KIDDING. A little EMOTION behind I DONT CARE. A little PAIN behind IT'S OK. A little NEED behind LEAVE ME ALONE. A deep TOUGHT behind I DONT KNOW. A lot of words behind the SILENCE. So try to understand feelings, not the words only.
just finished exam few days ago.cant wait to go back to malaysia.i left with a painful heart and i got it fixed in London so now i'm going back as a new me.a me that no one can even try to shatter my happiness..heeee..i went shopping these few days,buying souvenirs for my family and close friends.i never knew that buying things for other people can give me as much happiness. i did spend a lot but thinking back at those times when i was in a very difficult situation, they stood by my side i cudnt do anything much to repay.just some token of appreciation.i cant wait to see my family..i miss them so badly and i hope they really like what i bought for them coz i spent my 1 month allowance okay!hahhaa

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

how to date a medical student?my version

hi..i really miss my blog so da middle of exam period right now and i have 2 papers left.please pray for me everyone! i read an article about how to date a medical student and it's kinda interesting i's way too early to make a post about what to expect when u're overseas for my beloved juniors so i'll go with this one first.

how to date a medical students?
p/s:it depends on individual i must say but generally it'll give you the real picture about what will happen.

  1. Never expect her to text or call you too often. and no she doesnt reply to texts at such a great instant
  2. be prepared if the only thing you guys talk about over the phone is about how hard medicine is and how many things she needs to memorize and how near her exams are and yet she thinks she doesnt know anything and she's gonna failed.
  3. weekends can be a do-not-disturb-me days especially when exam is coming.needless to say weekdays are working days so you might want to find something to do to spend your time rather than having a wishful thought about spending time with her.
  4. sometimes she does leave the phone at her room when she goes out,or she'll probably put it on silent mode,so dont make a big fuss if she does not respond to ur texts immediately.
  5. she can appear online on FB and TWITTER but does not seem to have time for you?well it's normal..fb and twitter are like 10 mins break that sometimes cud be dragged to one hour but look at it from this side.she loves you so much that she wants to spend quality time with you so that's why you dont fit into her break time.she wants to find the perfect time to talk to you :p
  6. when you guys are eating,forgive her if she keeps on saying this food is bad for health or what disease you may get if you eat that food to often-we coudnt help it coz we've been taught about all those nasty diseases!
  7. sometimes u'll feel like she's putting books waaaaaaaaaaaay up to high in her priority list as compared to you as her boyfriend,well trust me you'll never understand why unless u're in our shoes!
  8. she may bring flash cards when u huys are dating..every minutes is important and probably in 5 mins when she's waiting for you to order the food she can stuff her brain with some medics info! :D
  9. she can be over sensitive especially when you say-you're smart and u'll pass the exam(u think u did a good job by trying to increase her self esteem) but seriously it doesnt work that way!she would go on saying you wont understand and u'll be like what?i'm trying to help you here n u're saying i dont understand u?wth?haha..
  10. just listen if she is complaining.she can be so whiny and keeps on saying the same things!
well it isnt as bad as it sounds tho but seriously now i understand why people keep saying only medics understand one another tp2 sape2 yg buat course lain and ade gf buat medic jgn pulak tetibe rase nak break :p
if she really loves you she'll find her way out of that busy schedule to accommodate you right?the purpose of this writing is just to make you guys aware that sometimes we CAN act this way.
unless i find a person that can really put up with all those,i shall remain single :D

Sunday, May 15, 2011

happy birthday love!

dugeun dugeun..
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to lee jonghyun
happy bday to you..hahahhahahaha
my obsession abt korean idols is escalating.i'm a big fan of cn blue now..n this is the guitarist n vocalist for the band and he's just soooooooo cute and him soooooo much..hahahhaa


Monday, May 2, 2011

looking back at those times

those times when i have you guys by my side.when u guys were just a few steps away.those times when i was never afraid of doing anything crazy.coz i knw no matter what happens,i still have you guys and nothing is as important as that. now that we're so far away, i'm feeling heart feels empty and i'm lost.sometimes tears went down my cheeks without me realising it.i'd live well..i promise..but i just miss having u guys in my room..talking nonsense but it was was fun all the way till distance tore us apart.izzie farhah kammy n maddy..