Monday, August 29, 2011

salam aidilfitri

selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin to all of you,my lovely readers.cepatnye masa berlalu kan..pejam celik pejam celik lagi 2 minggu cuti sy selama 4bln akan berakhir..sedih jugak bila fikir nak balik ke uk tapi excited jugak..setelah 4 bln dimanjakan tibalah masa untuk berdikari semula..malam ni malam raya so lupakan dulu hal nk balik uk..hehehe

di kesempatan ini saya nak mintak maaf banyak2 kepada sesiapa sahaja yang saya pernah sakiti sama ada secara sengaja atau pun tidak..di hari raya ini saya juga ingin cuba sedaya upaya membersihkan hati dan memaafkan segala kesilapan orang pada saya.orang cakap kalau dosa kita dengan manusia kita kena mohon ampun sesama manusia baru lah akan terhapus tapi mana mungkin saya mampu nak bertemu setiap orang yang pernah hadir dalamhidup saya untuk memohon maaf satu per satu..jadi saya sangat berharap agar sesiapa shj yang pernah terasa atau terluka dgn ape yang pernah saya lakukan,tuturkan atau apa2 shj lah,maaf kan laah kesalahan saya.dan saya juga akan memaafkan sesiapa shj yang pernah melukai atau membuat saya terasa tak kiralah anda mintak maaf atau tak,semuanya saya akan lupakan..

orang cakap jom kita buka buku baru..yang lama kita simpan jadikan everyone,i wish you selamat hari raya..have fun :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


people have been asking me too many times,why do i like kpop and korean dramas so much?well from my point of view they are good.they do not just depend on their looks to succeed,the work hard as well.yes no doubt they are good fact the most important criteria the companies in korea look for when finding new talent is look.then they will be trained for years to become good at dancing,singing or playing instruments.they have to go through a lot before they get to debut and that's why i think most of them are really good.they do not just dance half heartedly..anything they do,they put their hearts in for me those who work hard deserve my attention. why dont i like mpop(malaysian version of kpop)..if u watch how they dance,they are nothing compare to the real kpop.the dance moves are not sharp,it seems that they just depend on look only..sorry for being quite harsh but i'm telling the truth.if any group in malaysia do work hard and show their best,people will support..for example VIP..they are good at dancing,they did not announce to the world that they are kpop but when being asked they said they kinda get the idea from the south korean idols as well.because they are good,no one actually condemn it's not that we are not being appreciative enough for our local talents but they do need to prove to us that they really worth our attention :)


Monday, August 22, 2011

pack pack pack

hello guys..ahaha..ok this post is specially dedicated to those who will take off to uk real soon..are you guys excited?mixed feelings?yes,no?hehee.. i'll try to be brief here.just wanna share what should you pack in those huge suitcase you probably havent bought just yet.this is very important as you are going to live far away from a land that most of the food are halal and easy to get ready peeps.there are a lot of things you can get in uk but there are some that i doubt you can find it if you are that kind of person who cant survive without eating your fav dishes,you better go and learn how to cook it. and one thing about cooking,you need to know how to use alternative ingredients,as i said just now,not all can be found there :)

what to pack?let's do this :)

  • clothes?if u r a brand conscious type of person,just pack max 7 days worth of clothes.the rest you can just shop there.branded clothes are quite cheap as compared to here in malaysia but for me it's still expensive(i dont go for brand)..but to those who loves rm20-rm40 ish clothes,u need to shop in malaysia!because here you have more choices..
  • food?ikan bilis is the most important thing u wanna bring if you like nasi lemak so much coz a plate of simple nasi lemak can cause you £8=rm4o?'s true..other things like dried chili,shrimp paste and even budu,u can get it there(particularly in london).chicken cube/stock..bring as much as you like coz it's hard to find a halal one there..nasi goreng paste-maybe a week or two weeks worth..why?because at first usually u'll be too busy to cook anything more than fried rice..ahaha
  • go buy brahims paste for guys..ahaha..if you need a simple step to cook,go ahead..just need to put that paste in some water and chicken n taraaaaaaaaaa!siap already..hehe
  • rice cooker?but the smallest it here cozt it is quite expensive there..
  • maggie?esp ruski or mee sedap..get it as much as you like coz you wont find it there..ade je maggi tp jenama lain..
  • go eat kangkung goreng belacan as much as you love coz one plate of that can cost you £7..hmm i never ordered that during last 9 months i was there..
  • undergarments? ahhaha..yes go buy it..a year worth of's hard to find a good one there-a good one with no size?you can do that if u want :p
  • quran-dont forget about this important precious kitab ok :)
  • shoes?no need..just wear one and shop the rest.
  • kalau suka buat roti jala bawak benda kuning tuh :p
that's it kot..okpmpuan bwk tudung and brooch byk2..tdg kt sane xstylo mylo mcm msia..brooch lak mahal..ahaha :))

all the best packing..ahaha :P

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

mak cakap

warning-this is going to be an emotional heart/love related post!!

It's like a rubber band. Two ends pull. And when one lets go. It hurts the one that held on. i just like this has nothing to do with my post.

having a crush over someone for almost a year makes me wonder what's gonna happen in the future.maybe that's the reason why i cant seem to accept anyone else in my heart..not for now maybe. but why did i let it last this long? it's not easy to stop your heart from liking someone,isnt it? but one thing for sure,because this guy i like is a great guy,the one that will be able to "steal" me from him would be way better right?i wish to think that's why i'm in no rush.if it comes then it's fine,if not then probably it will few years's not that i want to get married now right?hehe.. well i was having a quite serious conversation with my parents about future husband criteria a month ago.

what did they say?
choose anyone that i want to fall in love and they wont interfere but just do this for them..include iman in ur wish list and we will forever be in peace. it's hard for parents to actually give their daughter to just anyone.but my mom says that if i can get someone that has iman with him,she can assure me that my life will be happy. well to be honest i myslef is not good enough to dream of having such a great groom to be but it's undeniably true!what my mom said is definitely right. i wish to be that i can dream of fulfilling my parents' wish :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

dah kt rumah!

esok dah 15hb so that means we're half way through ramadhan..aiyooo..cpt kan mase berlalu. to come to think of it, what did i do during this 1st half of ramadhan.did i do enough?did i actually do something that can be counted as meaningful?
oh well,lets not question too much. another 15 days should be filled with something more aite?kwn2 ayuh sama2..hehe..

i came home ths afternoon after spending about one month going here and there.the feeing of being home is very special esp during ramadhan.

i have my own goals to achieve and i really hope that i'll stick to it..byk betul benda nk buat tp satu2 lah kate drastic changes ni ssh nk kate jg kalau nk bnda tu jd habit buat hari2 for 23(xtau knp org ckp 23) kali..nnt jd habit n senang dah nk buat..boelh laah try ape yg org kata ni kan..sbb dr sndr punya ilmu mcm sgt sgt sgt xckp..haih..


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

oh Allah

u know my name not my story,u know what i've done but not what i've been through.

i believe time will heal.i know someday this heart would be back in it use to be.loser,pathetic, blind. call me whatever but surely i've learned from my mistake. yes i am not being able to sincerely forgive every single thing but i know one day i can achieve that. in the mean time,each day that pass me by.i'll try to let them take away bit by bit of those painful dark stain in my heart. i can smile happily but no one knows what's happening inside.

when oneself was given a chance to experience pain,it's GOD's way of saying i'm here for is HIS way of calling me to go back to him.i'm that kind of person.a person that constantly need reminders so that i wont go wrong.why am i like this?like riding on a roller coaster.why cant i be close to you most of the do i do to make things right?how do i get closer to you.oh Allah.please please i beg you.let me be close to me oh help me please.if it's not too much to ask for, i just need a person to help me be right on track.a friend, a sister, someone that can help me to find my way back to your love oh Allah.

i really miss you,i miss your love. i miss the time when i did not worry about anything coz of my faith that u'll always be around..Ya Allah berilah petunjuk pada hambamu ini.jadikanlah ramadhan ini sbg bln yg akan membantuku memebersihkan segala kekotoran yang ada di hati ini..dekatkanlah aku denganMu

Sunday, August 7, 2011

maksud bacaan solat.

Dalam bulan yang mulia ni,orang berlumba2 berbuat kebaikan untuk mencari redha ilahi.mengejar janji Allah bahawa setiap amalan pasti dilipat gandakan ganjaran pahala.tapi jangan kerana mengejar yang sunat yang wajib pulak kita ambil mudah.perkukuhkan yang wajib dan perbanyakkan yang sunat joom :)

orang cakap kalau nak khusyuk solat kena tau maksud jom jom hafal semua maksud bacaan ni..mgkin korg ramai yang da buat,so yg belum lagi jom..masih belum terlambat :)

Takbiratul-Ihram / Takbir

Allah Maha Besar.

Doa Iftitah

Allah Maha Besar dan segala puji bagi Allah dengan banyaknya. Maha suci Allah sepanjang pagi dan petang. Aku hadapkan wajahku bagi Tuhan yang mencipta langit dan bumi, dengan suasana lurus dan berserah diri dan aku bukan dari golongan orang musyrik. Sesungguhnya solatku, ibadatku, hidupku, matiku adalah untuk Allah Tuhan sekelian alam. Tidak ada sekutu bagiNya dan kepadaku diperintahkan untuk tidak menyekutukan bagiNya dan aku dari golongan orang Islam.


Dengan nama Allah yang maha Pemurah lagi maha Mengasihani. Segala puji bagi Allah, Tuhan semesta alam. Yang maha pemurah lagi maha mengasihani. Yang menguasai hari pembalasan. Hanya Engkaulah yang kami sembah dan hanya kepada Engkau kami mohon pertolongan. Tunjukilah kami jalan yang lurus. Iaitu jalan orang-orang yang Engkau kurniakan nikmat kepada mereka, bukan jalan mereka yang Engkau murkai dan bukan jalan mereka yang sesat.

Bacaan ketika rukuk

Maha Suci TuhanKu Yang Maha Besar dan dengan segala puji-pujiannya.

Bacaan ketika bangun dari rukuk

Allah mendengar pujian orang yang memujinya.

Bacaan ketika iktidal

Wahai Tuhan kami bagi Engkaulah segala pujian.

Bacaan ketika sujud

Maha suci TuhanKu yang Maha Tinggi dan dengan segala puji-pujiannya.

Bacaan ketika duduk di antara dua sujud

Ya Allah, ampunilah dosaku dan rahmatilah daku, lindungilah daku, angkatlah darjatku, rezekikan daku, berilah aku petunjuk, selamatkanlah daku dan maafkanlah akan daku.

Bacaan ketika Tahiyat Awal

Segala penghormatan yang berkat solat yang baik adalah untuk Allah. Sejahtera atas engkau wahai Nabi dan rahmat Allah serta keberkatannya. Sejahtera ke atas kami dan atas hamba-hamba Allah yang soleh. Aku naik saksi bahawa tiada Tuhan melainkan Allah dan aku naik saksi bahawasanya Muhammad itu adalah pesuruh Allah. Ya Tuhan kami, selawatkanlah ke atas Nabi Muhammad.

Bacaan ketika Tahiyat Akhir

Segala penghormatan yang berkat solat yang baik adalah untuk Allah. Sejahtera atas engkau wahai Nabi dan rahmat Allah serta keberkatannya. Sejahtera ke atas kami dan atas hamba-hamba Allah yang soleh. Aku naik saksi bahawa tiada Tuhan melainkan Allah dan aku naik saksi bahawasanya Muhammad itu adalah pesuruh Allah. Ya Tuhan kami, selawatkanlah ke atas Nabi Muhammad dan ke atas keluarganya. Sebagaimana Engkau selawatkan ke atas Ibrahim dan atas keluarga Ibrahim. Berkatilah ke atas Muhammad dan atas keluarganya sebagaimana Engkau berkati ke atas Ibrahim dan atas keluarga Ibrahim di dalam alam ini. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Terpuji lagi Maha Agung.

Doa Qunut

Ya Allah, berilah aku petunjuk sebagaimana orang-orang yang telah Engkau tunjuki. Sejahterakanlah aku sebagaimana orang-orang yang telah Engkau sejahterakan. Pimpinlah aku sebagaimana orang-orang yang telah Engkau pimpin. Berkatilah hendaknya untukku apa-pa yang telah Engkau berikan padaku. Jauhkanlah aku daripada segala kejahatan yang telah Engkau tetapkan. Sesungguhnya hanya Engkau sahajalah yang menetapkan, dan tidak sesiapapun yang berkuasa menetapkan sesuatu selain daripada Engkau. Sesungguhnya tidak terhina orang yang memperolehi pimpinanMu. Dan tidak mulia orang-orang yang Engkau musuhi. Telah memberi berkat Engkau, ya Tuhan kami dan maha tinggi Engkau. Hanya untuk Engkau sahajalah segala macam puji terhadap apa-apa yang telah Engkau tetapkan. Dan aku minta ampun dan bertaubat kepada Engkau. Dan Allah rahmatilah Muhammad, Nabi yang ummi dan sejahtera keatas keluarganya dan sahabatsahabatnya. Salam Sejahtera ke atas kamu berserta rahmat Allah.

there are too many things that i've learned but i cant seem to if any of my next posts is about something you already know, just let it be okay.i'm trying to re-learn as much as i i wish university offers pendidikan islam used to be easier learning it when i was in information is everywhere but need to be careful.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ramadhan datang lagi

alhamdulillah.Allah berikan lagi kesempatan untuk bertemu ramadhan pada kali ini. 3 hari terlambat kerana kurang sihat tapi masih ok lah kan nak ucapkan ahlan wasahlan kpd bulan yang sangat mulia ini. semalam saya membaca satu berita mengenai pelajar yang koma di kaherah,fatin fasihah yang telah pergi bertemu pencipta kita semua. Al fatihah.semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama orang2 yang beriman.

pernahkah kita terfikir bila ajal akan menjemput kita?pernahkah kita terasa kita hidup dengan kurang kesedaran bahawa suatu hari nanti masa itu akan tiba juga.dan suatu hari itu boleh menjadi esok ataupun hari ini.takut,gentar tp sifat manusia yang mudah lupa.selang sehari dua kembali ke asal.mungkin kerana itulah tuhan tidak putus2 memberi peringatan kepada kita.gempa bumi yang dulunya hanya kedengaran selang tahun kini selang minggu.banjir,ribut dimerata2.keras sangatkah hati hambamu ini YA ALLAH. kenapa aku seakan bisa melihat tapi masih buta..hati seakan tersentuh tetapi tidak tergerak.

tiada siapa yang tidak mahukan syurga.jadi di bulan yang mulia ini YA ALLAH,bantulah hambamu untuk menjadi yang lebih baik..jernihkanlah hati yang mungkin sudah lama hitam tanpa aku sedari..jauhilah aku dari terlalu mengejar keduniaan.tunjukkanlah aku jalan Ya ALlah..jalan menuju redhaMu.bantulah aku Ya Allah.