Sunday, November 14, 2010

biological clock: exam mode

everytime exam is getting near,my biological clock knows how to turn itself to exam mode.woke up at 5 or 4..nap in the evening and sleep at 12 or college i used to stay up the whole night and sleep the entire morning but i refuse to do it here coz apparently i've realised how important sleep is..and i dont want coffee to be involved in my exam revision plan!nonononono!

about 2 months studying medicine,not literally coz we're still covering the general and basic bits of it but it opens my eyes about healthy diet and lifestyle. when you've got to see all the symptoms and diseases,you will tend to be more responsible towards the body God has given you.that's what happened to me..i started to eat my green, take my supplements, do some exercise routines..yes to keep me healthy..not to forget,enough sleep.

i'm grateful to be forced to choose this path..sometimes, stress and tense build in..but to think from the bright side, this happen to everyone no matter what course they're it's okay..starting to accept everything gracefully :))

uni life is very different. in every possible ways..