Tuesday, November 30, 2010


i wish i'd spend my first time watching the snowfall on a bench sitting next to someone and just have a great time rather than walking to the garrod building with umbrella in my hand..hopeless romantic i know..


Monday, November 29, 2010

masak masak

ni antara masakan sy pnh masak di kota london ini

Nasi Air Kelantan :)

Lasagne,Puding Roti and Cheese Cake

Marble choc cheese cake :)

more to come :)
love my life when it gets better everyday :)

aint normal

exam is over..so does the weekend..right after the exam we went to tukdin to have a dinner-malaysiaaaan foooooood hoyeeeeeaaaaaaaah..nasi goreng kampung can cost you 7.50 pounds which is equal to rm35??hehe...but why not..i was craving for good malaysian foood :)

then we went to watch harry potter..not bad but the story was a bit slow and the ending-i hate it..it left us hanging and wondering!then the next day,i spent the whole day online,watching muvis and tv series and sunday??shoppppping!weeeee....

3 weeks before christmas holiday..3 weeks before spain trip..cant wait!

if it's a mistake,it'll be the sweetest one! :D


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

things do change :)

nak tulis bahasa melayu sbb sumpah rindu gilaaaa laaa nk ckp melayu..of course ngn malaysian kt cni ckp bhs mlayu tp still..haha

ok banyak gilaaaaa laaa bnda da berubah..
  • kalau dulu masuk supermarket slalu g tmpat2 chocs,chips n snacks..skg g tempah rempah ratus babe...beli beras,sos,blackpapper n byk lagi laaaa...
  • pastu dulu kalau puase 15 mins before magrib tu da melongok dpn tv tunggu azan,skg bleh terlupa nk bukak puase..ye laaa kul 4 da magrib..
  • dulu stress ske mkn chocs tp skg stress ske minum jus(ni cam pelik xde reason knp jd cmni)
  • dulu sampai bilik terus bukak tudung,kt cni bleh jg lupaaa sbb sejuk so xksh nk pky tudung pun..
  • dulu xsuka sayur skg suka gilaaaa sayur-ni sbb wt medic tgk bjuta penyakit so kena mkn mknn sihat ye kwn2
  • dulu kt skolah or kolej target A skg target pass je..haha
yes byk bnda da berubah tp nik idzni dalila ttp lebih kurang je..sensitivity tu xplak berkurang tp the way i deal with my probs is better now..


Friday, November 19, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

biological clock: exam mode

everytime exam is getting near,my biological clock knows how to turn itself to exam mode.woke up at 5 or 4..nap in the evening and sleep at 12 or 1..in college i used to stay up the whole night and sleep the entire morning but i refuse to do it here coz apparently i've realised how important sleep is..and i dont want coffee to be involved in my exam revision plan!nonononono!

about 2 months studying medicine,not literally coz we're still covering the general and basic bits of it but it opens my eyes about healthy diet and lifestyle. when you've got to see all the symptoms and diseases,you will tend to be more responsible towards the body God has given you.that's what happened to me..i started to eat my green, take my supplements, do some exercise routines..yes to keep me healthy..not to forget,enough sleep.

i'm grateful to be forced to choose this path..sometimes, stress and tense build in..but to think from the bright side, this happen to everyone no matter what course they're taking.so it's okay..starting to accept everything gracefully :))

uni life is very different. in every possible ways..


Thursday, November 11, 2010

up the rajinness

yes..exams in two weeks time and i feel so scared right now..i'm gonna start study real hard coz i've made a vow to you..that i'll try my best..oh God..last nite was awesome..i enjoyed ur accompany though..lets up the rajinness-say you..of course..there you are my motivator doing a good job ;)
ur exam is two weeks after mine..sooooo all da best..ok i really hope no one from barts read ths post..hahahhaha...gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaa q:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

grab the present peeps!

Stop living for what maybe or what may never come.
Live for the day that is already here. :) quoting farhah anor!

1000% agree! but basically only experience can tell you this in a form that you'll believe it.coz somehow it can be just a sentence being said but the meaning can be ambiguous depending on which way we'd like it to be..

my mom always said accept everything that has happened to you,it has been planned by God who knows everything.we're so small,we cant even see what's happening in a room next to us with only 5cm of wall being in the middle. yes the future is not ours to see..but it doesnt mean that we have to stop pouring our effort out.work for what you want but trust God if it happens not as you expected.He KNOWS best!

it's weird when people say i'm not happy or my life sucks-i used to tell myself as well..arent we being ungrateful? happiness is something we can control.if we learn to accept things rather than going around complaining about what shoud've happened,life wud be more fun and grinning wud probably be easier than groaning.i dont blame people if they're sad about something..we cant help it sometimes. everyone would be upset if her dream is being tore down but to mourn for the rest of your life might not be worth as creating a new dream and work again.failure is just another form of success. success in eliminating the wrong ways of going to the right path.so that it would be easier to choose next time around.

i used to live in my past hoping everything would stay the same as it was before,telling myself the present is only a nitemare and it'll go away soon-i just need someone to wake me up- not knowing that i actually was torturing myself.
i also used to live in the future,being a dreamer-how lovely when i can plan everything and it happens exactly as what i've imagined not knowing that i've abandoned my present and my chance of truly being happy rather than just in my dream.

now i'm trying to live in the right time..neither will i forget my past-it's a great teacher tho-nor that i would give up on my dream-it makes me happy!..but i'll definitely tie my feet on the ground so that i'll be as stable as nothing can bring me down.

sometimes we need to cry,to clear up our vision and help us see better.tears make us realize the beauty of a smile.

no matter what happened,let us go back to our creator.ask Him for guidance let Him tell us what's the best and sometimes the way He tells us may not be in our preferable wish list but arent the final outcome is the most important thing??the outcome that leads us to choose the right way.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Syazwan Asyraf

speechless and shock..the news did have a very big impact on me.i may not know you that well but i can still recall what people told me about you..he used to be in ur room most of the time he called me,stealing ur maggie or having a chat with you about uni..i still remember your laugh when he said something you didnt expect.you're there for everyone.you touched a lot of people's heart.losing you is a total lost and you'll be missed..God knows what's the best and the only thing we can do now is pray..pray.. n pray..rest in peace syazwan asyraf..

o Allah,give strength to us all.we need it..this is unbearable and only you can make us feel better..be with us..bring us through this..