Sunday, October 31, 2010

hey :)

it's raining and it's cold..but i could feel the warmth in ur eyes..the smile that makes me happy every time i think about's weird how it happens,it still does but who cares..

u make me think about reasons that i've been asking God;to let me see why things turn out the other way for didnt turn out well for you too but now everything is on the right track i let's just be grateful and thankful for what has happened. i hope it's true when people say good things fall apart so that better things can fall together.

being here on my own i learn a lot.if u're the 'better things' for me,then it's not a waste to let go of the good things i've had before.but the future is not ours to and you,we can be the better thing that may fall apart to let the best thing fall together in da future..end point is important but if it ends up not as in fairy tales,we're matured enough to tell ourselves that at least we've learnt something out of it right.

not taking it too deep doesnt mean it's not serious :D
it's just an effort not to ruin all the fun by getting too much involve in this kind of matter how,if it's meant to be,it'll happen one day :)

having you no matter in which form is like giving me a strength to face everything!let's do our best in the upcoming exams.
there are so many perfumes in this world but you smell the loveliest :)
i think i've fallen in 'like' with you..the one who pushes the cloudy days and replaces it with beautiful bright memories. thanks but let's just say if one day,we find ourselves arguing on which way to go,we can always take a diff may or may not lead to the same destination but somehow or other,i wish we'll be happy in the end. :D u're one of a kind,if you can see that..dont look into my eyes coz they dont know how to hide the real feeling i have :D

Thursday, October 28, 2010


just come back from medsoc in one of the gp surgery..well,life's okay at the moment but i have exams coming in 3 weeks time..the stress has been perfectly built up but not too much to trigger the urge to study..come on idzni..u need to accounts for 20% of my 1st yer final exam so i have no choice..but i'll do my revision starts NOW!

personal life is okay as well.. it's great actually :D

Sunday, October 17, 2010

fly up high in the sky

kenapa sume org nak fly..kenapa nak datang sangat oversea ni??ape yg best sgt??

okay..4 weeks being here apart from the fact that i have quite a lot to do in term of study,everything else is fun..even in malaysia i'm sure medical students are as busy as us so that cancels out each other :)

to start with of course the weather..though it can be pretty annoying when it becomes very cold but we dont sweat nothing to be worried if i forget to use deodorant but most of the time i use it coz it has become more or less like a 'must' thing to do.

we walk to most of the may take about 40 mins walk to the hospital or the place we'd like to visit but walking is fun especially when you have atleast a fren to accompany you.i've never loved walking as i do now minus the part that i always get lost when finding places..

meeting new people are amazing especially when in queen mary..all the seniors are so helpful and treat us like family..i love it here..they're willing to show us where to buy stuff despite the hectic life they're dealing with.they even pick us at tube station if we come back at night for safety reason..

chances to go and explore new places.i havent gone to lotsa places but surely will..went to bristol last week and it's full of fun..cant wait for paris,spain,italy,germany and so on n s forth.
being away from family increase the level of interdependency to ownself. i have to do things on my own,manage my spendings,my bills and my money of course but that's how i acquire living skills..haha cant believe how i could transform from a person that only be in the kitchen to bake to quite a good cook!i cooked few times and it wasnt bad at all..lasagne,pasta,spaghetti,ayam kurma,nasi goreng..cheesecake-my specialty..
i cooked more western food compared to malaysian one coz it's easier to find the ingredients..hehe words can perfectly describe but it's great..4 weeks being here i have bought 3 coats,4 shoes,2 shirts,2 jeans not to mention all the essentials such as printer,iron,mixer..bla bla bla..and i have edward cullen's poster in my roooom...n an iphone 4 :))

i love chocs and it's very cheap here..bad thing about ths is i ate a lot..getting fatter each day..oh god..kena jog..aiseeeeyyyyyh..
i may miss few details but it's such a beautiful experience to be guys,almaz shikin ati n asheeeeeeee n sume2 my juniors laaaah,study very very hard and dtg cni kayh.. imy so much guys :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


rome wasnt built in a day:)
n life is like a keeps on times,u're up there n the other u would be at the bottom.but what makes life interesting is when you can actually love what you have n start to see things from different view coz you once,have been in the most miserable when something makes you happy,you'll tend to smile all day taught me to be strong but sometimes i like being weak.i like making mistakes for it is easier you see to remind your own self not to repeat that again.

i love making wrong decision coz somehow i know that it leads to something right but it isnt showing the real self yet.i love being pessimist coz its either i'll be proven right or pleasantly surprised.

if you look at it from a different scale,you would be very surprise of how much actually you've is not easy but i promise i'll make it worthwhile..
the sun shines n the world is smiling..:)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

turn the frown:( upside down :)

haha..this is funny..what?nothing..haha...too soon to say anything but i just hope that it's not just another game i have to play and lose..haha..going to maddy's this evening..i think this might be my last time going out during weekend..oh God,so much to do..i mean we're kinda the most relax nye medical students tp the thought of the exam's coming this nov scares us enough to atleast do some revision..went to hospital yesterday for interviewing the patient was fun..when i said i'm not going out does not mean i'm sitting down in my room and's like i dont wanna go outside london except during a long break.

well i kinda enjoy my life right now..learning process is fun especially when you can see the outcomes.i cooked yesterday...lasagne and ayam kurma..n n n i made my orangy white choc cheese cake :D..
was longing to bake some cupcakes but i guess i'll wait for anyone's bday in oct then i'll make it :))


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

rainbow= rain+shine

i used to stare at that page for a while,every single day looking at your picture remembering how happy i was back then..everyone was telling me i'll be okay one day but i didnt believe them..they didnt know how deep the wound was.i asked myself why was it happening.why me?i didnt do anything really bad,i tried giving my best but why??why wasnt it work out well as it supposed to??a friend said,everything happened for reason..i said what is the reason??i asked again,why it seemed so easy for the other side??why did the impact was greater on me?they said,oh that's just to make you stronger.i said i didnt want to be strong if that was the thing i needed to go through.the thing i didnt know was everything needed time to prove itself. as time goes by that thing they said is like hitting the nail on its head. cloudy days have finally passed.i never knew that i can actually sit,smile and tell sum1 about that without a single tear.i've got my heart back. but i've got to thank God for those moments coz now i know how to say i love you to the correct person.this distance brings me close to my parents.i cant believe it but i did say i love them few days ago.i appreciate every single lesson i get in my's true that sometime we dont know what we've got till we lose it but it's also true that we never knew what we may get till we letgo of that something we know we is not ours.why holding on if letting go promises a better future?

i dont mean to insult anyone here..i just know that out there,thousands of girls are in the same boat as i used to.not knowing which way to go.either way hurts but u've got to choose which one worth the pain.

it took me quite a while to see the positive side of all these things and believe me,when it starts to show itself,it leaves sparkles in your eyes.

Monday, October 4, 2010


i cant be happier :D
you made my day and thanks for pbl tomorrow.i'm very nervous like seriously coz my english isnt that good but i promise i'll put aside the fear and try to conquer it n deal with this..i can do this..yes idzni you can do this okay..just be confident and remember,things are hard before they become easy..motivator,keep motivating me kay..likeeeeeeeeeeee ;)))

Saturday, October 2, 2010


i dont even get to pass the 1st hurdle,there it comes another one sitting beside me.i dont wanna think about this too deep but you know how hard to stand at the end of a road that diverges into different paths which i could never possibly decide what's the best for think about myself or think about others,which one shud be my priority,it makes me wonder should i take a step back.but it isnt fair..why not letting time,again chooses which way to sounds simple as it seems but somehow it's complicated in the see,i'm glad that the world has been right side up again,i started to feel a bit like i'm on the cloud9..n that one thing though i might mistakenly regard it as what i think it is,the thought makes me happy and who cares if it isnt true.sometimes the dreams can make an enchanted leap to reality.positive much??haha


Friday, October 1, 2010

pretty life

oh well,life's quite miserable i mean unorganized coz i still do not get the hang of the whole thing-medical student?!!!???
i'm afraid that i wud feel complacent which i cant afford to i shud get going..start planning much to do but i can do this..come on!! :D
the motivator,arent you suppose to motivate me???but u're dont have to study as much as i shud..omg..i adore you..i mean your brain!!!
i'm planning to learn how to play guitar..hehe..thinking about joining dance club but still wawa said,we're so not going to be a nerdy so gotta make our lives interesting..does that sound a bit like trying to hard??hahaha..but yeah,it's pretty boring to just go to class,come back n online n then sleep..maddy went to bristol this here i am again,a loner..hahaha..but then we have something good tonight..hahaha :))))
life is pretty!